Good Day

So far today, a great gym session in the morning; I could feel it boost my mood. It seems that hitting a high heart rate during cardio is key. Also, with a proper warm up the weightlifting portion always goes more smoothly. Following this, a delicious lunch of cheese-filled tortillas … Read more


Currently sitting in the office wondering how to best help people with bipolar… And then I find myself wondering about limiting the influence to only one disorder.

How can I help everyone? How can I make the greatest impact on the greatest number? How can I practice the meditation of … Read more


How are you?

How’s life? What are you up to lately?

I’m setting the intention to write more about my own bipolar experience on this blog.

Lately, I’ve been feeling kind of restless and lonely. Not as bad as other times, but a certain rocking of the boat nonetheless…… Read more