Memorial Day

Hey, everybody. How’s today treating you? I decided to go into the office to work on a variety of things. Anybody else working this holiday weekend? The stress of pushing forward the enterprise of a new business can get to you, but I keep reminding myself, patience and persistence.… Read more

Silly Saturday

Lounged about in bed for a good part of the morning, kinda like these dogs from yesteryear when I was a dogsitter. I spend far too much time playing on my phone at the start of the day. Finally, I kicked my butt into gear and decided to head into … Read more

Wacky Weekend

Spent a lot of time in an introspective state of mind. At least managed to do laundry and reading, but seem to have struggled to actually get unstuck what got stagnant on the inside. Thankfully on Monday I had supervision and therapy for myself and that helped, but not quite … Read more

Welcome to Monday

Kinda tired today. Slept ok, but kept waking up. Sunday evening attended a networking event, and I think that zapped some energy. I’m working hard on balancing out my introversion and extroversion. All about finding that golden mean.… Read more

Tuesday Tea

Just made it into the office a little bit ago, and gearing up for the Counselor Coffee Hour I host from 2-3pm. Doing my best to build a referral network and develop partnerships with colleagues. Wish me luck!… Read more