Being an Authentic Therapist

Thanks to the article, 20 Ways Therapists can be Authentic, by Jeff from

1.  My favorite meal might be a 5 course experience, starting with wine,  appetizers, soup, salad, entree and another glass of wine. I much prefer deep, dark reds, meaty and vegetable heavy soups, salads with lots … Read more

Reflecting on Life & Death

Good morning everyone. Matthew Breuer here reflecting on life and death, and the beauty of each moment that we are given. How fragile and precious it is. That ruminating on the past can lead to depression and worrying about the future feeds anxiety. It’s only when we can be content Read more

A Terrific Tuesday So Far

Greetings Bipolar World,

Woke up, skipped the gym and decided to head into the office earlier than usual. I’m trying to put full steam ahead in marketing and building a full psychotherapy caseload. I just finished writing about 25 postcards to send out to colleagues, in the hopes of reconnecting … Read more

Loving Kindness Meditation

I wanted to take today to offer you a loving-kindness meditation. Feel free to get cozy, get grounded and centered.

Breathe gently, to and from your heart, and recite inwardly the following traditional phrases directed toward your own well-being. As you repeat these phrases picture yourself and hold the image … Read more

The Cathartic Release of Crying

Thank goodness for mom’s. Nobody knows how to comfort you quite like someone that has been with you since you were conceived. I’ve lately been feeling a lot of stress and pressure, potentially self-imposed, but also circumstantial. Trying to survive economically in San Francisco is a tall order. I’m grateful … Read more

Sitting at a Coffee Shop

Life is good. I think over the last days, I’m finally realizing what it feels like to be happy. I think I’ve lived much of my life cut off from the feelings and flow of the world around me. I’ve been working on opening up my heart in my own … Read more

Strange Evening in Ohio

Reynoldsburg is not quite what it used to be, I’m told. It’s definitely something now. Liquor stores and fast food places galore. Grocery outlets and lumber liquidators. Cars everywhere and litter along the roads. Not walker friendly and like a ghost town. In contrast, when I was downtown, large spacious … Read more

Sitting in the Ohio Hotel

Howdy, everyone. I made it safely to Columbus after having spent yesterday in Washington, DC, seeing the White House and the Capitol Building. I’m currently a little restless, and party wishing I were back home in SF, or in Wisconsin visiting family. I’m trying to kick my inspiration back into … Read more