A Terrific Tuesday So Far

Greetings Bipolar World,

Woke up, skipped the gym and decided to head into the office earlier than usual. I’m trying to put full steam ahead in marketing and building a full psychotherapy caseload. I just finished writing about 25 postcards to send out to colleagues, in the hopes of reconnecting or keeping connections alive. Doing what I can to build those referral partnerships. Last night, went to a pre-licensed support group meeting, and learned some interesting ideas for a guest speaker. Doing what I can to implement every little morsel of wisdom I can. I’m also working my way through the book, Building Your Ideal Private Practice, which I was lucky enough to pick-up for free from a therapist colleague downsizing their library. That’s the gist for today. Feel free to drop a comment how your Tuesday is going. Cheers!


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