Reflecting on Life & Death

Good morning everyone. Matthew Breuer here reflecting on life and death, and the beauty of each moment that we are given. How fragile and precious it is. That ruminating on the past can lead to depression and worrying about the future feeds anxiety. It’s only when we can be content and accepting and open with what is right before us that we can begin to experience the joy of being alive.

Before we know it, we will die; and what happens next, no one truly knows scientifically, but our spirituality gives us many possible answers. Some with hope, and others not so much. What this means is that we must value the time given us, and the people in our lives as much as possible. Tell your family and friends that you love them. Feel your emotional connection with others and don’t be ashamed of your affection and care for one another. I’ve had periods of my life filled with such despair and now I am grateful to be in a time and place of such relief from this past pain and the unfolding of a present happiness and appreciation for the dream that I am in right now.

I have people in my life that cause me difficulties, and yet it is worth it to repair the ruptures, value the friendships, and make the most of the lessons others have to teach us. Sometimes what we most despise in the other is a part of ourselves that we hate. Only when we can learn to love that part of us, can we more freely connect with others. I beg and I plead for you to have loving-kindness for yourself and all of those around you, and eventually all beings in this world and beyond. May you go in peace. May you be free from suffering.

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