It’s Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down on Friday

Thank you, Rebecca Black. Remember those days?

Anyhow, my day so far has started a bit up and happy, and went down a lil lower. Doing my best to boost my mood back up, but sometimes it’s a struggle. I made sure to go to the gym this morning and did a bunch of stretching and broke a sweat doing some cardio. That started the high. But then some other stuff in the day, situation, took me down a notch. I then called a bestie and hoped a familiar voice would help. Which it did, but I still needed some sort of pick me up. I knew my blood sugar could be low, so I went to get some lunch. After eating, feel a bit more satisfied. Now to see if I can get some work done at the office, and then feel up enough to go socialize tonight, perhaps. Do some happy hours somewhere, or find another means of mingling. What do you all have in mind for the rest of your day?



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