A theme arising today is the difficulty that can occur in trying to focus, whether in a normal state of mind, but particularly if one is manic or having the symptom of racing thoughts.

For someone with a bipolar diagnosis, I can say from my own experience, having one’s self-talk and train of thought go out of control is not a pleasant experience.

You know those movies where criminals hijack a locomotive, stoke the furnace and helpless people go dashing towards a canyon. Now imagine that as multiple trains going in many directions at uncontrolled rates. Now try to do something as simple as concentrate on a conversation with another person while ignoring the traffic jam in your own mind. Not easy.

So as you go along in life, gratitude for the ability to narrow one’s attention is truly a gift. I’m thankful that medication keeps me in a state of mind where I can do so, for without drugs, I know I would eventually become symptomatic, and be a conductor without control.

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