Some of my thoughts this morning…

So far I’m kind of a little blah, and I wanted to be upfront and authentic about that. I’m a little unsure and that’s gonna be the title of this post.

I am currently in the startup phase of building a private practice while getting licensed, and it can often be a struggle lately: to organize all the information and possibilities of ways to move forward; to prioritize what’s most important; and then simplify a lot of that.

So I’m trying to use that as my mantra right now, and to help do that, I am working my way through this book that I recommend to any other therapists: 12 months to building your ideal private practice.

I’ll keep this short today, but I did want to, in the method of inbound marketing and content production, put something out there in a timely manner and keep in touch with people.

So that gives you a little insight into a day in the life of a therapist.

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